Thursday, November 27, 2014

Panzer II Ausf F, Tunisia 1943

Good evening everyone and welcome to Greeny’s Workbench Blog
I hope you’ll find my posts interesting and useful.

Now I would like to present you a project I’m currently working on, which I started about a month ago.

The plan is to make a small diorama, representing a scene of DAK retreat in Tunisia 1943.The model I’m currently working on, is Dragon’s (6263) kit, Panzer II Ausf F. and as I sad the dio is going to be in Tunisia, the vehicle will be done as from 7.Pz.Rgt., 10. PZ. Div.


So far I build most of the model and started painting the interior.

For the Panzer interior color I used a mix of Vallejo Buff (70.976) and Offwhite (70.820).For chipping I did a hairspray technique using Vallejo Ger. Black Brown (70.822) as undercoat and also as a primer.


After that, I sprayed the whole thing with satin varnish and gave it a wash of Model Master Raw Umber, with which I’m always satisfied. I also made a bit progress on the engine with Vallejo’s Oiled Earth wash, but still lot of work to be done.

Next step, which I did today..Pigments on the floor and started with the details…let's say I'm gonna call it a night!

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