Saturday, December 20, 2014

Panzer II Ausf F Update

Here is what I did.

I applied the base color.

Next step I’ll spray satin varnish followed with the coat of Vallejo Chipping Medium or AK Worn Effect (haven’t decided yet) for the peeled effect.

For the RAL 8020 sand color I will use Vallejo Desert Tan Base 70.613 with some modulation…for now that’s the plan.
Stay tuned…

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Panzer II Ausf F Update

Progressing with the interior, 90% done.

I gave it some more washes, pigments and pin washes. Same thing I did with the engine.
First I gave it a Vallejo Oiled Earth wash, followed with Sepia at some places.After that, AK Dust effects and in the end I used Vandyke Brown with AK fuel stains to represent engine dirt.
I’m not completely satisfied with the result of the engine so I’ll probably do some more weathering later on…
Next step to finish radio equipment, hatches and I’ll do some more fine chipping with the brush.
Stay tuned cheers.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Panzer II Ausf F, Tunisia 1943

Good evening everyone and welcome to Greeny’s Workbench Blog
I hope you’ll find my posts interesting and useful.

Now I would like to present you a project I’m currently working on, which I started about a month ago.

The plan is to make a small diorama, representing a scene of DAK retreat in Tunisia 1943.The model I’m currently working on, is Dragon’s (6263) kit, Panzer II Ausf F. and as I sad the dio is going to be in Tunisia, the vehicle will be done as from 7.Pz.Rgt., 10. PZ. Div.


So far I build most of the model and started painting the interior.

For the Panzer interior color I used a mix of Vallejo Buff (70.976) and Offwhite (70.820).For chipping I did a hairspray technique using Vallejo Ger. Black Brown (70.822) as undercoat and also as a primer.


After that, I sprayed the whole thing with satin varnish and gave it a wash of Model Master Raw Umber, with which I’m always satisfied. I also made a bit progress on the engine with Vallejo’s Oiled Earth wash, but still lot of work to be done.

Next step, which I did today..Pigments on the floor and started with the details…let's say I'm gonna call it a night!